Are you ready to invest in your Marriage?

Virtual Challenge Nov. 16th - 19th

The Million Dollar Marriage Challenge will help married couples interested in lifelong love and wealth reconnect with each other, intentionally align their values, and create a strategic plan for building generational wealth.

This challenge is for you if you and your partner are...

  • Looking for like-minded couples to grow with.

  • Interested in Starting or Growing a business together.

  • Struggling to communicate with each other.

  • In need of a reset and recharge!

What if I have a busy schedule?

This is a virtual challenge so you and your partner can join from anywhere and sessions will be recorded. Registered guests will receive access to recordings. If you are ready to invest in your marriage join the waitlist today to secure your spot.

Challenge Presenters and Experts

Tirrell Muhammad

Husband and Owner of TMG Consulting & Development where they focus on Leadership Development and world building.

Lovey and Snooks

Co-hosts of the Married Into Crazy Podcast Lovey and Snooks coach couples to and through self discovery and active communication.

De'Von and Sinclair

Co-hosts of The M4 Show and creators of Black Wall Street the Board Game De'Von and Sinclair will present on the 4 pathways to wealth: Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, and the Stock Market.


We are passionate about this work and don't want money to be the reason you don't invest in your marriage today. We are allowing couples to register and determine the value of the experience. You choose what you pay and we provide you with the most value possible! Join the waitlist today to secure your spot before we officially open up registration.

4 Days of Practical Information

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Day 1 - Personal and Couple Assessment

Facilitated by Lovey and Snooks, the. hosts of the Married into Crazy Podcast, day 1 will be a deep dive into your love language, personality assessment, and best ways to communicate with your partner. Whether you have been married for 20 minutes or 20 years proper communication is key to a successful marriage.

Day 2 - Life Operating Principles

Facilitated by Tirrell Muhammed the expert coach behind TMG Consulting and Development, day 2 will help you explore your habits in and outside of the relationship, your core values and your core principles as a couple. Every successful business has established procedures and principles that guide its decisions, your marriage needs them too.

Day 3 - Tax Strategies

Facilitated by Marjorie McPike the cpaLady, day 3 will cover practical tax strategies for couples, families, and business owners. With tax season around the corner let's make sure you are prepared to save big. Join the challenge to ask your tax questions live to a Certified Professional Accountant and Tax Preparer.

Day 4 - The 4 Pathways to Wealth

Facilitated by De'Von and Sinclair the cohosts of the M4 Show and creators of Black Wall Street the Board Game, day 3 will review the 4 key pathways to building generational wealth: Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, and the Stock Market. Only 2% of African American families have a net worth of $1 Million or more, we are here to change that and it all starts with a plan.

Want even more value? GO VIP!

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  • Access to Private Calls

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  • 30-minute Expert Q & A

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  • Free Access to the Million Dollar Marriage Workbook

Challenge Sponsors and Special Offers

Offers Expire November 21st 2022

The M4 Show

All Registered guests will be invited to the December in Person M4 Mastermind. Award winners and VIPs will receive free admission.

Married Into Crazy

All registered guests will receive a free DISC Assessement to learn about the natural tendeicies of themselves and their partners.

Life Operating Principles

All registered guests will receive a free 20-minute 1:1 consultation with a Team Member.

Play Black Wall Street

All Registered Guests will receive an event discount code for 25% off Black Wall Street the Board Game, T- Shirts, and Courses.

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